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Calgary, AB
(403) 262-3434

Kids Dentistry

Effective Dental Hygiene Starts in Early Childhood

Some parents believe that, since juvenile teeth are not permanent, they do not require professional dental care.

On the contrary, there is significant evidence to indicate that the health of your child’s temporary teeth not only influence their current oral health, but can also have a tremendous impact on the health and longevity of their permanent teeth, their bite alignment, and other important elements.

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When Should Children See a Dentist?

You should schedule your child’s first dentist appointment within 6 months of the emergence of their first tooth, or by the time they reach their first birthday; whichever comes first. After their first appointment, your child should see the dentist twice a year, although your dentist may make different recommendations depending on your child’s unique needs.

Childhood dental exams are not only important for maintaining the health of existing teeth and ensuring the health of future teeth; they allow a team of dental professionals to evaluate any potential risk your child may be at for disease. Regular examinations also allow us to ensure your child’s oral hygiene needs are being met at home.

Preparing Your Child for Their Appointment

A dental appointment can be overwhelming for a child, particularly if it’s their first visit. We recommend introducing your child to the idea of dentistry through play and storytelling.

Feel free to read books about the dentist to your child, but it’s best to avoid anything that positions dentistry in a scary way. You may also want to play dentist with your child, using a doll or a stuffed toy as the patient. Even this small amount of preparation may help your child feel more relaxed during their first appointment.

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  • 401 9 Ave SW #222
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