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Calgary, AB
(403) 262-3434

Restorative Dental Care

Maintaining Your Oral Health Through Restoration

Chips, cracks, cavities, and other imperfections can be more than just uncomfortable or unsightly. These issues can provide a window through which plaque and bacteria can access your teeth, potentially causing significant damage.

Method Dental provides a variety of restorative services to alleviate discomfort and fortify your teeth against infection.

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Our Restorative Services


When plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth, they start to eat through the dentin and into the enamel. This erosion causes a hole called a cavity, which becomes a collecting point for more bacteria. Without treatment, this cavity will get progressively worse until the inside tissue of the tooth eventually becomes infected.

Fillings are a restorative treatment designed to remove infected tooth tissue and replace it, filling the hole with a special material designed to replicate the density of a natural tooth. A filling can be performed in a single appointment.

When patients have multiple missing teeth in a row, one option is to replace those teeth with a restorative appliance called a bridge. A bridge, or “fixed bridge” is made of multiple false teeth in a row and is fastened in place using either dental implants or crowns.

The teeth on either side of the gap are called abutments. If your bridge is anchored in place with crowns, your abutment teeth will be the natural teeth remaining on either side of the gap. These natural teeth will be reshaped and prepared to accept crowns. Once your bridge and natural abutment teeth are ready, the bridge will be applied by sliding the abutment crowns over your newly prepared teeth. The crowns are then cemented in place, which keeps your bridge stable and allows it to function similarly to natural teeth.

For an implant-supported bridge, we will use dental implants for the abutments; installing posts into your jaw bone at either end of the gap. Once these post heal, they will be outfitted with a bridge to fill the gap. These two posts will keep your bridge in place, as they will have fused with your jaw bone.

While it may seem counterintuitive, wisdom tooth extraction is a large part of restorative dentistry.

The wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that tend to appear around the age of 19. Although most humans still have these teeth, the average human jaw is no longer large enough to accommodate them. As a result, wisdom teeth can push healthy teeth into an unhealthy position, can erupt partially, or can become impacted beneath the gum line.

These outcomes may be harmful to your overall oral health, causing bite problems, infections, and more.

Depending on the positioning and status of your wisdom teeth, We may be able to extract them as we would any natural tooth. However, for teeth that are partially emerged or are impacted beneath its gum line, we may have to remove them surgically.

Through X-rays and dental exams, your dentist will be able to tell you whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed or not.

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  • 401 9 Ave SW #222
  • Calgary, AB T2P 3C5

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